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Hi! I am Joei, an experienced SEO consultant in Singapore who practices sustainable, white-hat SEO techniques that are effective.

I work with a small team of switched-on talents of various technical and creative expertise to optimise our clients’ onsite and offsite web properties the right way. We work closely with clients to get the result they want – getting top search engine rankings for search keywords that are of value to their business.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, often abbreviated as SEO, is the cornerstone of running a successful website for your business. Essentially, it’s the set of rules and formulas that determine where you show up in google search results. If your website is search engine optimized, it could appear before your competitor’s. However, if it isn’t, you may be ten pages deep on Google.

For example, let’s say you run a mid-sized software development company in downtown Singapore. If a potential customer searches “software development in Singapore”, you want your website to show up. However, if other sites have taken advantage of SEO while you haven’t, they may end up on a competitor’s page rather than yours.

Why Should SEO Matter to my Company?

A good way to think of SEO is as free advertising (and a way to show customers that they can trust your site). Once your website is search engine optimized, it’s set up to appear towards the top of search results. It’s an easy way to reach customers without doing any leg work, and ensures that you become the go-to service provider in your field.

The benefits of SEO are wide ranging. People tend to trust organic search results more than paid ads, which means you’re more likely to gain a customer if you’re appearing high in Google rankings via SEO. You also don’t have to pay each time your website shows up, or worry about it disappearing when you stop paying. Even better, the more your website is visited via organic SEO searches, the more likely Google is to continue boosting its ranking.

Aside from the benefits of free advertising, the main reasons to care about SEO include:

Generating Traffic to Your Website

Studies have shown that your ranking on google drastically affects clickthrough rates. Websites in the first position on a google search have clickthrough rates near 50%. But those in second place drop down to roughly 30%. In other words, the higher you are on the search results list, the more business you steal from your competitors.

Optimizing your website is a simple fix, and you can’t miss out on it. Investing in quality SEO services can help move your website to the top of the search result list, meaning more people will see your website—and not a competitor’s—when they search relevant terms.

Building Your Brand

Every successful business has a strong brand. Your company needs to become a force to be reckoned with in its marketplace, and your community needs to learn to rely on you for their needs. Securing a high spot in search engine rankings ensures that your name is associated with the services you provide. When coupled with traditional advertising methods, this is bound to result in an increased conversion rate.

Managing Your Reputation

If you dominate the search engines for terms relevant to your business, potential clients will be pulled to your website before one that speaks about you. This allows you to set the primary message about your business yourself.

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When Should I Invest in SEO?

If you haven’t already – NOW. In my opinion, any successful business should start planning their SEO before their first website is even built. There’s no point in having a website that no one visits. However, even if you’re ten years in without an SEO plan, it’s never too late to start.

The sooner you work towards improving your search engine rankings, the better off you’ll be. Depending on the competitiveness and specificity of the keywords you’re targeting, getting ranked can take anywhere from weeks to six months or more. High rankings can take a long time to achieve, but they’re worth it. Just to put it into perspective, fewer than 2% of pages ranked in first place on Google are less than a year old.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should do depending on where you’re at in the process:

You’re Not Tracking or Optimizing Your Current Website

Maybe you already have a website you’re proud of, but you haven’t tried to track its success. You get inquiries through your site from time to time, but you’re not really sure how effective it actually is. If this sounds like you, you need a full audit performed immediately. After learning where you stand, your site can be optimized to get the results you want.

Your Current Website is Ranking But You Haven’t Used SEO

You know where your website stands, but you have no idea how it got there. Even though you’ve never formally invested in SEO, you’ve made your way to a top spot on search rankings. If that’s the case, you’re in need of a full SEO audit and traditional SEO services. Otherwise, you won’t know what you’re doing right—and how to keep doing it. For example, you may be performing well online because there’s no competition yet, and a competitor could outrank you at any time.

You’ve Invested in SEO But Aren’t Getting the Results You Wanted

If your SEO is resulting in a low return on investment, there could be a number of explanations. The algorithm that was used when your site was originally search engine optimized may have changed, meaning it’s not optimized for the modern search engine. There’s even a chance that your former SEO agency employed illegal SEO techniques that are caught by the algorithm and resulted in your site being penalized. A revamp of your SEO is your best bet to get the results you expected originally.

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Do I Really Need a SEO Consultant?

Not too long ago, the answer to this question would have been no. But today, Google and other search engines are employing a constantly shifting set of technical parameters in their algorithms to keep the best websites ranked high. In other words, SEO has morphed into both an art and a science. It takes significant amounts of time, skill, and experience to truly make an impact. However, business leaders should be spending time molding their business — not stressing over the details of SEO. That’s why it’s important to hire someone who can help you along the way and take care of the leg work.

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What Makes You an Expert in SEO?

It’s easy to talk a good game in the field of SEO. A quick google search will pull up thousands of articles telling you how to employ various SEO tactics. However, the fact of the matter is that an expert does more than follow the basic rules of optimizing a website — they target their services based on the industry, goals, and branding of their client.

I see search engine optimization as an ongoing process. It’s the result of countless moving parts, such as technical structure, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. My work can’t be boiled down to a single point, and a lot of “experts” in the SEO field work as if it can be.

As an SEO expert who views his work as a multi-skilled discipline, I’m happy to offer you a wide variety of skills. I have the technical knowledge needed to understand how websites function, the analytical skills to perform in-depth research and problem diagnosis, and the creative skills to make content that engages users.

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Where in the Process Should I Hire You?

Unless you’ve built several high-ranking websites yourself, it’s in your best interest to hire an SEO consultant before you start building your website. I can help you structure your site and content, and I can work with your developer to ensure the site is optimized from the start. If you wait until later to optimize, you may have to restructure everything months down the road, which can be a tedious process. But if you’ve already moved past the drawing board, it’s never too late or hard to invest in SEO.

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